Environmental Knowledge

Social Justice

Climate Change Adaptation

Water Policy

The Water Justice and Adaptation (WJA) Lab is a long-term commitment to one of society’s greatest challenges—adapting equitably to an increasingly disastrous world— by tackling the socio-environmental difficulties related to living with water in terms of environmental justice, disaster response, perception of risk, and resilience. 

Concretely, the WJA Lab is a research program that combines transdisciplinary knowledge production and training for young professionals with engaged and impactful service. Through interdisciplinary ethnographic research, we trace the impacts of policy on people’s lives and suggest guidelines for re-examining policy documents. We do so together with the community, listening to their concerns, and involving them in the research process. 

The lab serves as a platform for ground-up, policy-oriented, qualitative, transdisciplinary research, providing i) applied research; ii) engaged mentoring; iii) impactful outreach; with the goal of reframing environmental categories and enabling innovative policy decisions for a more equitable and sustainable society.